Explore Laos: 4000 Islands

By June 15, 2013Laos
Sunset di Don Khong

The 4000 islands are located in the very southern tip of Laos and are as the name implies, a cluster of thousands of islands located within the Mekong River. Many of the islands are home to small villages and over time, the village people have built simple accommodation to attract foreign tourists.

Today, three main islands are home to this tourism – Don Khon, Don Det and Don Khong. Don Det is by far the most popular island and is the one most likely to attract young backpackers looking for a party. Although it’s not really a party island, it does have a certain cheap backpacker vibe to it that will appeal to many. Don Khon is right next to Don Det and is a more laid back island with some slightly more expensive accommodation. It’s from Don Khon that you can see the rare Irrawaddy Dolphin. Finally, there is Don Khong which has hardly any tourists and requires some form of transport to really explore. It’s a massive island and almost all of it is untouched by foreign tourism.

We took this video so you can see what the 4000 islands in southern Laos are all about. What do you think? Do you want to go? Whatever the case, do us a favour and hit the like button. 🙂

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