Explore Laos: Huay Xai to Xieng Kok

By November 30, 2012Laos
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During part of my travels through Laos for travelfish, I started taking some videos of the cool things we were getting up to. The first leg was entering Laos through the border town of Huay Xai and attempting to get up to Xieng Kok by boat on the Mekong so we wouldn’t have to backtrack which would have been necessary if we’d gone by bus.

It started off slow in Huay Xai and got slower as day turned to night which turned to day and then another night… an epic two day two night adventure that I will never forget, complete with water buffaloes and armed men. Travel really can be memorable, especially when you have to go through patches of hardship such as this. Check it out.

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