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By April 4, 2013Profil Travel Blogger
Working on a train in Austria

This month we continue our series of Travel Blogger Profiles with a remarkable Australian digital nomad with the online name of Nomadic Notes. James Clark, as he is known in the real world, has been travelling the world for more than a decade and is planning to travel through Java over the month of April to reignite his love for Indonesia.

James runs a successful travel blog called Nomadic Notes and is an inspiration to all those people dreaming of one day quitting their job and working on the road.

Name: James Clark

Twitter: @nomadicnotes


Hometown: Melbourne – Australia

Currently living: Bangkok – Thailand

Tell us a little bit about James Clark
I’m a full time traveller who works online as a web designer and travel marketer, so anywhere there is internet is my office. I’m also a travel writer and photographer at

James and the lunch lady

James and the lunch lady

What are you currently busy with?
After 4 months of living in Ho Chi Minh City I am now ready to start travelling again for a couple of months.

Tell us about your first memorable travel experience
It would have to be when I first went overseas in 1995 to Hawaii. The whole experience, from getting on a 747 and arriving in a new country awakened the travelbug in me that hasn’t left since.

Where do you plan to travel next?
After a few weeks in Java I will be on my way to Malaysia.

As a destination, what is it that attracts you to Indonesia and how do you see tourism changing in the country over the coming years?
The fact that there are so many thousands of islands yet most most people gravitate towards Bali and stay there really baffles me. So far I have been to Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok and there are so many more places on my Indonesia wish list of places to go. I’m optimistic for Indonesia tourism, especially when reading about ambitious airline expansion plans []. I would love to see more airport hubs open up in key cities across the archipelago.

Sipping on a coconut in the Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines

Sipping on a coconut in the Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines

When did you start your blog and why?
I began in 2009 as a means to chronicle my travels and to meet other travellers online.

What is your travelling style? Backpacker, flashpacker or luxury?
Probably more of a flashpacker out of those options, but my travels have become slower over the years so I also resemble a part-time expat as well.

You’ve travelled a lot around the world. Are there any places that you haven’t been that you dream of going to one day?
There are still lots of places I would love to go to and I try and visit a few new countries every year. Dream places would be the harder to get to places like Bhutan and Antarctica

Your twitter name (@nomadicnotes) is obviously a reflection of the way you live your life. It’s a dream of many people to live a nomadic lifestyle, but is it for everyone?
The nomadic way of life is definitely not for everyone. I read so many blogs of people who state they are going to sell everything they own and become a permanent nomad, only to find out a year later that this life isn’t for them. For myself I kept a rented room in Melbourne for a number of years while I was travelling around the world, and would return to this base. Over the years my travels became longer to the point that I realised I should go full time as a nomad.

Working on a train in Austria

Working on a train in Austria

For those who dream of being a nomadic or location independent person, what tips would you give them so that they can realise their dream?
If you dream of becoming a nomad I would try out some long term travel first and see how it suits you. Before you go you will need to make many preparations such as getting rid of excess possessions and untangling yourself from month-to-month bills like cable and other debts. This is a good thing to do anyway, even if you aren’t going to go full-time.

What are 5 things that you never travel without?
– Passport
– Laptop (currently Macbook Air)
– Music device (currently iPod touch)
– Smart Phone (currently Samsung Galaxy SII)
– ereader (currently a Kobo)

Thanks James! Take a look at James’ blog Nomadic Notes and check him our on twitter and facebook. Those of you planning to attend the Wego Hangout in Jakarta on the 6th of April should say hello to James as he will be one of the guest presenters at the event.

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  • keputusan yang hebat dan luar biasa untuk meninggalkan pekerjaan dan segala hal yang settled untuk berkarir di jalanan (bukan jadi pengamen, tapi freelance keren!!)
    can’t agree more, selama ada internet ya bisa kerja, hampir semua hal jadi tak berbatas
    how I envy such thing tapi masih ga tega ninggalin our beloved family
    padahal James ini udah keliling bertahun-tahun tapi masih ada ya tempat yg belum dikunjungi, betapa luasnya bumi ini (banyak PR!!)
    thanks for inspiring me James and Pergi Dulu πŸ™‚


    *revisi lupa cantumin akun twitter

  • Memez says:

    Suka banget sama sosok yang ditampilkan di blog ini. Inspiratif dan meninggalkan kesan luar biasa. Sambil berdoa, suatu saat bisa kayak James ini…


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