Explore Laos: Vientiane Shooting Range

By April 6, 2013Laos
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One of the cool things to do in Vientiane, Laos is to visit the Vientiane Shooting Range where you can use a range of different weapons such as AK-47, M-16, 9mm pistol of some sort, a shotgun and an Uzi! We chose to have a go at the M-16 and pistol as the AK-47 wasn’t available. The price of each bullet is 10,000 kip or about $1.20 with a minimum purchase of 10 bullets per weapon.

It was awesome fun and a little bit frightening. Neither of us had ever held a weapon like that before and we’ve actually rarely even seen them as guns are not popular in Australia or Indonesia. Anyway, it was a big thrill!

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