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Sim Lim Square Star Retailer

Singapore has had a reputation for a few decades now as being the gadget centre of the universe with stories of hefty discounts on computer products and accessories spreading among friends of people that had recently visited. One such place with a great reputation is Sim Lim Square Singapore which was opened in 1987 featuring 6 floors of gagdet heaven.

Sim Lim Square Singapore

Sim Lim Square Singapore

Types of Gadgets at Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square is a typical electronics mall and sells all sorts of laptops, cameras, lenses, desktop computer parts, bags and accessories. The range really is quite impressive, but it is important to have an idea of what model of gadget you want before you arrive as you can quickly become overwhelmed when see everything on offer.

The other thing to remember is that model numbers sometimes differ between countries so it’s best to check to make sure the item you want doesn’t have another model number in Singapore.

Sim Lim Square Prices

The prices at Sim Lim Square are highly negotiable, but they are never below cost price. In fact, a good way to find out what the correct price should be is to check the exact model on ebay first. Ebay tends to have extremely good prices on electronics and Sim Lim Square cannot beat them. In fact, Sim Lim Square must add 7% to their quoted prices in the form of Singapore GST which ebay sellers do not have to add.

On that note, make sure when you are negotiating with the seller that you ask them to negotiate including tax. Otherwise you will end up paying 7% more than what you thought you agreed to.

Also, it is best to pay in cash otherwise you may have to pay a credit card fee. Some sellers only accept cash.

Sim Lim Square Scams

Sim Lim Square in Singapore is renowned for scams. Many of the sellers here are unethical and dishonest and are experts in their craft. When buying cameras, the number one trick employed is bait and switch. You enter the store wanting a particular camera and agree on a fantastic price. As you’re making small talk with the seller, he will introduce another camera which he claims is superior. In fact, he will tell you your camera is very bad and will give some “proof”. He may use tricks like putting oil on the lens of your preferred camera to make sure it takes bad photos.

Once he convinces you that the camera you want is not that good, he will try and sell you his preferred camera on which he makes a great profit. The cheapest prices on cameras in Sim Lim Square in Singapore are almost certainly scams. If you refuse to buy his camera and want to buy your preferred camera, the seller will inform you that they have no stock. You have been wasting your time.

Other scams include charging you extra for things like memory cards, chargers, cases and cables which should already be included in the package.

One way of trying to find out if a seller at Sim Lim Square is honest is to see if they have a large sticker on the floor which says “Star Retailer”. Star retailers are supposed to be reputable and offer prices that are true. The problem with this scheme is that some dodgy sellers have copied this sticker and started using it themselves. Who knows who is good and who is bad?

Sim Lim Square Star Retailer

Sim Lim Square Star Retailer

Do not trust any of the sellers at Sim Lim Square in Singapore.

Sim Lim Square Location

Sim Lim Square Singapore is located on the corner Rocher Canal Road and Bencoolen Street with the nearest MRT stop being Bugis. From Bugis, simply walk up Rocher Canal Road.

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  • Vono says:

    I agree, I have been scammed already in Sim Lim square! fvck that place, One the seller who has ugly face like a mongoloid and lots of them in that store looks like a gangster. Im so tired that day I went there and buy ipad2 16gb black but then I already paid the unit and then I ask them if the unit has warranty after they registered my warranty on that store they showed me a contract that stated 1 year for every month costs S $49, I feel so down that day i dont have any money left and its my first time in singapore and in that day was also my flight goin back to philippines and im in hurry. I thought I was very stupid!not knowing that thing about the item, so I kept it on myself with my girlfriend, and left the item on that store. But then I did not kept it so long, I told my friend and she said I was scammed. If I only knew that thing I should have called the police to settle our problem in that store but I was scared and its too late im in the philippines now wasted a large amount of money for nothing, please help me spread this, Even if I will not get the ipad anymore atleast I can help a lot of travellers and gadget addict to avoid this place and wont happen to them what happened to me.

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