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We’re Adam and Susan and we have been travelling the world together since 2012, but individually for years before that. When it comes to travel, we love to explore new places in depth and because of that, our readers trust us.

So when we recommend a place to visit or a hotel to stay in, our readers know we are telling the truth. That’s why we only work with brands we believe in. That’s great for our readers, but also great for the brands we work with.

If you think your brand fits with our message, please contact us via the contact form below!

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We still believe blogs have the longest lasting effect when it comes to advertising despite the recent rise of Instagram and before that, Twitter. When we write a blog post, it is viewed by our readers for years to come. Some of our blog posts have been viewed many hundreds of thousands of times over the course of a few years.

Not only that, we are one of the biggest travel bloggers in Indonesia. We have been receiving between 100,000 and 200,000 pageviews per month for a number of years now and this continues to grow as we add more quality travel content for our readers.

Sponsored post: Rp7.000.000 (includes free IG stories promotion!)

Ad slot blog sidebar: Rp1.500.000/month

Ad slot within post, after 1 paragraph: Rp2.000.000/month

Ad slot bottom of post: Rp1.500.000/month

All ad slots packet: Negotiable


Instagram is without a doubt the most popular social network for people interested in travel. Because of the visual narrative we create, we inspire our followers to travel more often and to open their minds to new destinations they’d never thought of before. Our account is @pergidulu.

Sponsored photo: Rp2.000.000 – we are very selective about the brands we work with on Instagram and generally only post 2 or 3 sponsored posts per month. This is because we don’t want our account to be known as one of those accounts that runs advertisements constantly.

Sponsored video: Rp2.000.000 – We are able to advertise your on our Instagram for the same as a photo. If you want us to shoot the video ourselves, we will charge an additional fee for the work involved in shooting and editing videos. For an example of what we can do, click here.

Sponsored Instagram Stories: Rp750.000 – Instagram Stories get great engagement and allow links to be clicked. Great for pushing traffic to your site!

Post in exchange for product: We occasionally feature brands in our Instagram posts for free, especially when it’s a brand we use anyway and the product is featured in a place we are already going. Gadgets, electronics, travel gear and clothes. Let us know!

Post in exchange for hotel: We sometimes provide a free Instagram post in exchange for a free room. But we accept these offers on a case by case basis only. Often, we will ask you to pay for comprehensive coverage of your hotel. This will usually include multiple Instagram photos and a blog post. This is because for us to travel to your hotel, take photographs, edit photographs and write a blog post all take a lot of our time.

Posts in exchange for trip: We do go on fam trips/press trips and we’re happy to post on Instagram during these trips. If you have a trip you’d like to invite us on, please contact us! Our most recent partnerships were with Cathay Pacific / Japan National Tourism Organization, Vietnam Airlines / Vietnam Tourism Board and Tourism Indonesia. We are happy to either travel as a couple or as a single. If we travel as a couple, we will generally provide more video footage of the trip for use on Youtube and Instagram.


We offer very competitive rates for Twitter and can come up with a custom package if you’re interested. People rarely purchase one tweet on its own. If you buy our instagrams or blog posts, we’ll tweet them for free! Our account is @pergidulu.

Sponsored Tweet: Rp400.000

Please contact us if you want to work with us. We’d love to discuss what you have to offer and can usually come up with a deal which is good for you!

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