Backpackneymoon Video number 1 – Leaving Bandung

By June 16, 2012 June 25th, 2012 Singapore

This is the first in a series of videos we intend to produce over the course of our two months away from Indonesia. We’re not sure how far we’re going to go with these videos, but this is the first! If you have any requests or want a shout out, let us know in the comments! If you want more bahasa Indonesia, also let us know… Which means Susan will be on camera and not Adam!

One last thing, our new hashtag is #backpackneymoon! Suka? Let us know too.  🙂

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  • Tony says:

    This is great! Have you used the rice warmer yet? So random lol. Love the ice cream review too haha. I so have to get on a camera more like you guys. Will work on that for the next trip 🙂

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