Best hotel in Malang – mau tahu?

By April 26, 2012June 25th, 2012Indonesia

I’ve been around to a lot of the best hotels, guesthouse, losmen, and penginapan in Malang and there is one place that I would say is the best hotel in Malang.

There are a few criteria which go into deciding which hotel in a particular city is the best including location, price, quality and service. Well, my favourite hotel in Malang has it all!

I think by far the hotel yang paling bagus di Malang is Hotel Tugu! This hotel is located right in the middle of the leafier part of town on the edge of the Tugu roundabout, not far from my favourite restaurant in town, Java Dancer Coffee. It’s only a 15 minute walk from here to the alun-alun, 10 minutes to the train station and if you take a becak, even quicker!

The rooms at Hotel Tugu Malang are incredible with flat screen TVs, great big beds with crisp linen, bathrooms clean enough to eat your dinner off although I wouldn’t recommend that. 🙂 And best of all, free wifi throughout the hotel.

There are two restaurants in the hotel and they serve fantastic Western and Indonesian food at a level of quality that is difficult to find anywhere else. Of course, you pay a hefty premium for dining at such high standards, but this is afterall a 5 star hotel.

Another cool feature is the attached museum which features artifacts from the old Javanese periods. It’s free to enter and a fascinating look into Javanese culture and history.

Yes, this place certainly is the best hotel in Malang. I recommend it!

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Hotel Tugu
Jalan Tugu 3, Malang

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  • vira says:

    omigod omigod omigod, I just booked a room at this hotel, and I just CANNOT WAIT to go there! woohoo!! I’ve wanted it since years and years ago..! 😀

    wait..why don’t you have any picture of the hotel here?

    • Adam says:

      @Vira – ahhh… I was on a TF job, so I didn’t get photos inside the rooms. Believe me when i say it is very cool. 🙂

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