Day 1 of the #EuropeDulu trip: problems checking in

By July 24, 2013July 25th, 2015Europe

Ahhh… We booked our flights to Paris with Saudi Airlines because they were cheap. Singapore – Riyadh – Paris for Rp. 3,200,000! So cheap, yet there are some drawbacks if you are a woman and you like to wear dresses or shorts. 🙂 Basically, you must cover up your whole body (except your head) if you’re a woman flying on Saudi Airlines regardless of your religion!

So don’t dress like this if you want to fly with Saudi Airlines! If you already wear a jilbab, no problem for you!

Can I wear a dress on Saudi Airlines?

Can I wear a dress on Saudi Airlines?

The other thing we had a problem with was the Schengen Visa. The Saudi system said that the visa needed to be a class C visa and we had a class D. What does that mean? Basically, one means a visa which was applied for from the country of your immediate destination and the other means a visa from a country which is not… sounds weird to us, but after about 15 minutes of making us feel like we weren’t going to be boarding the plane, they finally issued our boarding passes!

So here were are in the boarding lounge waiting for our flight to Paris via Riyadh. Woo!

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  • AyuSA says:

    I think that was one of an interesting experiences, we should follow the rule of muslim. It showed us that we should giving honor to the other as religious people. (@Asanesa)

  • Emirta says:

    di saudi yang pakai hijab lancar2 aja flight process nya tapi pas nyampe paris gimana tuh mbak? 😉

  • erwandy says:

    How is the transit experience while lay over at Riyadh/Jeddah (King Khalid/King Abdul Aziz International Airport)? As i believe you are on the economy seat, do they allow entry to the member/bisness lounge? Fyi my flight will be on transit for 7 hrs and i really want to know how it feels like during those period and what to do.

    • Adam says:

      Sorry, but there is no access to the Business lounge. You just have to sit around the terminal and wait! Luckily there are little cafes and coffee stands for you to eat and drink at — but it’s quite boring. 🙂

      • erwandy says:

        Thank you for the reply. In this case i need to think of how to kill that 7 hours layover. What sort of currency do the cafe and coffee stands accepts? I try not to spend much of my euro/GBP cash on the airport. Do they accept credit cards? I hope i do not need to change to Saudi currency as i’m not going into Saudi.

        • Adam says:

          Sorry, I can’t remember the currency used in the cafes, but I’m sure they accept credit card. 🙂

          • erwandy says:

            Thanks for the info. Hope everything goes well. Its just that i find it a bit difficult to find info on Malaysian who board Saudi Air except for umrah/Hajj which may encounter different experience as oppose to tourist alike. Most of them flys MAS,Etihad etc

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