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By April 18, 2012May 11th, 2012Miscellaneous

We’re Adam and Susan — one bule, one Indo brought together by chance and now preparing for the adventure of a lifetime — the rest of our lives.

We don’t want to sit around and earn money while the world passes us by. We want to get out there and grab it by the balls and claim our piece of it. Life is about living and we’re determined to live our lives with passion, love and fun.

In June we’re getting married, heading to Singapore, New Zealand and Australia which will serve as an entree to a bigger main meal — the rest of the world. We’re hoping to travel the lot over the course of our lives and this blog will be an outlet for some our experiences.

In the meantime, we’re going to start loading the blog up with info from our previous travels to get the ball rolling. The main reason is to get a bulk of info out there onto the interwebs about our experiences so that hopefully others might be able to benefit from it.

One last thing. We’re advertising whores. So from time to time we will be publishing stuff that someone paid us to do. We do this shamelessly and if you’re not interested in that sort of rubbish, please feel free to close your eyes. It’s for the betterment of mankind. We promise.

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