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Hotels near Gunung Bromo are few and far between, but in this post we talk about what we found on a recent journey.

I had a great opportunity to travel to Gunung Bromo late last year and while there checked out almost all of the accommodation in the immediate area, particularly around Cemoro Lawang. I saw the good ones, the bad ones, the good value and the poor value. At the end of the day, I came away thinking that these hotels or penginapan are the best in Gunung Bromo.

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru - Gunung Bromo Hotels are everywhere here

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru

Yoschi’s Bromo Hotel

By far, Yoschi’s is the best guesthouse to stay near Mount Bromo. It’s a small little hotel 4km from the edge of the crater, but the place is very cozy and has communal hot showers and boy do you need them – it’s freezing up there! The price is around the 110,000 rupiah mark per night. It’s run by a German woman and is definitely worth a visit.

Cafe Lava Hotel Bromo

The cheapest rooms at Cafe Lava Hotel are really small, but the price is OK. 144,000 rupiah! It’s located just across the road from the crater making it a perfect place for those wanting to hike all the way to Gunung Penanjakan and Bromo instead of catching one of the jeeps. The more expensive rooms at this hotel even have TVs, but you’re not coming here for that are you?

Budi Homestay Gunung Bromo

Budi Homestay is the place that many of the tours from Yogyakarta stay in when they visit Bromo and it might be the cheapest hotel in Bromo. It is basic. VERY basic. The rooms have a foam bed and that’s it. The communal bathrooms have hot water, but they are a bit filthy and the toilets are squat toilets. It’ll feel a bit like camping here, so let it be known right now that it’s not going to suit everyone! 80,000 rupiah.

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