Sugarush Bandung – ada Rainbow Cake!

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The Sugarush is a nifty little restaurant/bar on Jalan Braga, Bandung. We recently went there on the recommendation of a couple of friends who told us the cakes here were worth trying. In particular, we were told they sold the very popular red velvet cake (which we reviewed at Hummingbird) and rainbow cake. This is our review of The Sugarush Bandung rainbow cake and other food! Could this be the rainbow cake yang paling enak di Bandung?

We ate three things at Sugarush Bandung plus two drinks.

Blueberry Rainbow Cake @ Sugarush Bandung

Blueberry Rainbow Cake at Sugarush Bandung! It's big!

Blueberry Rainbow Cake at Sugarush Bandung! It’s big!

The main reason we came here is to eat what everyone in Indonesia wants to eat at the moment — rainbow cake! They serve two different types of rainbow cake at Sugarush. The classic rainbow cake and the blueberry rainbow cake. The great thing about the blueberry rainbow cake? You look different from everyone else because absolutely everyone orders the classic rainbow cake!

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So how did it taste? Meh. Yes, just meh. The thing about rainbow cakes is that they are simply very basic sponge cakes with bright colouring in them. So they taste just like a cheap 2,000 rupiah sponge cake from the pasar. Sure, this rainbow cake has a bit of sweet cheesy creamy stuff on the outside plus a bunch of blueberries on top, but they are simply just like a topeng. They try to hide the true identity of what is below and that is… a sponge cake! Anyway, sponge cakes taste OK and the blueberry rainbow cake was OK too.

The size of the cake was too big! It was almost the size of my head and I have a big bule head. We shared the cake between two and could not finish it. A bit of a sugar rush at Sugarush Bandung.

Churros Fiesta

Churros -- sooo good. At Sugarush Bandung.

Churros — sooo good.

We also ate some churros which were quite tasty! On the menu they call them Spanish donuts, but I have never seen a straight donut before. Donuts are round, kan? Tell us in the comments what shape you think donuts should be. Anyway, the churros tasted good! Better than the cake to be honest.

Blueberry Cheese Pancake

Blueberry Cheese Pancakes (with sliding ice cream) at Sugarush Bandung

Blueberry Cheese Pancakes (with sliding ice cream)

OK so the pancakes tasted really good. The sauce was really thin which were disappointed with at first. But the more we ate the pancakes, the more we realised that this sauce was perfect. If it was any thicker, it would have been fake and and it wouldn’t have absorbed into the pancake… Good work Sugarush!


Mint Squash -- enak! Sugarush Bandung

Mint Squash — enak!

The drinks were good too! We had a mint squash and something else that we can’t remember but it did have mango and lychee in it. The mint squash also tasted like it had basil in it! I love basil in drinks… Anyway, I’d drink that drink again. I’m a big fan of sodas like that.

So… overall how was Sugarush Bandung? Good! Yes, we really enjoyed the place and would recommend it to our friends. We would just tell them to forget the rainbow cakes and have some churros instead!

Pergidulu score: 7/10

If you call something a donut, should it be round? Have you ever eaten rainbow cake? Do you like it?

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  • Dina says:

    Donut has to be round with hole in the middle. No filling. Unline Ryan’s favourite donut boston cream 🙁
    But I miss churros! Ate a lot of them in Spain, also in Sydney (along Bondi beach, we had some coupons for it)

    • Adam says:

      @Dina – HAHA. I agree! Has to be round and have a hole in it. What is one of those things that they call donuts but doesn’t have a hole in it… and is filled with custard or something?

  • Milana says:

    hi Adam, i was searching for “cake in bandung” and found this site of yours 🙂
    i have been to sugarush and order original rainbow cake, if you wish to taste delicious rainbow cake you can find it at tabitha bakery at jl.sunda – bandung, after a taste of different kind of rainbow cake in different bakery shop, tabitha’s rainbow cake still the best for me because every layer has a different taste, and that should be how rainbow cake taste (for me) 🙂


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