Red velvet Bandung – di mana yang paling enak?

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Red velvet at Hummingbird Bandung

We here at Pergi Dulu love cakes! So much so in fact that last week we ate a rainbow cake and today we searched for Red Velvet in Bandung which we found at the incredible Hummingbird Eatery which has for a long time been one of our favourite cafes in Bandung.

Red velvet bandung

Red velvet bandung

So what exactly is red velvet cake? Red velvet cake is the latest fad in Bandung and Indonesia more generally. It’s a style of cake that is slightly chocolatey, but not too much, is red in colour (usually coloured with food dye), has a cream cheese icing and should be topped with some pecan nuts. It is usually layered with the number of layers varying between two and three with a cream cheese filling between each layer. Of course there are some variations to this, but these are the general features of a good red velvet cake.

Red velvet at Hummingbird Bandung

Red velvet at Hummingbird Bandung

Red Velvet Bandung

So how did the red velvet cake we found in Bandung at the fabulous Hummingbird Eatery stack up? Well, we initially feared it could be too dry as is the case with many cakes we try wherever we travel. But this red velvet was absolutely dreamy — moist, not too sweet, not too chocolatey and a perfect amount of icing that again was not too sweet, but was sweet enough to add to the overall flavour of the cake.

Red velvet cake Bandung - are they pecans or walnuts?

Red velvet cake Bandung – are they pecans or walnuts?

But we do have one criticism and it’s a criticism that we tend to have with all layered cakes such as the rainbow cake we ate at Sugarush recently. Because they are so tall, they are also very big! So big that it is almost impossible to eat one by yourself and this is the case with this red velvet. Actually, even when it’s shared between two people, it is a bit of a challenge to finish!

Anyway, this one gets two big thumbs up for our very first red velvet in Bandung.

Pergi Dulu score: 8/10

Pengen tahu cara buat red velvet cake ini? Cek resep kami.

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  • vira says:

    too bad I didn’t try the cakes when I was staying at Hummingbird Guesthouse. I saw the red velvet on display (among other yummy looking cakes) but I was already stuffed with breakfast. I. Must. Come. Back. For. The. Cakes.

  • Anti says:

    Thanks for the info, makes me wanna eat that cakes .. I am going there tonight for “buka puasa” with my friend… semoga tidak kehabisan 🙂

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