Hello. We're Adam & Susan.

And we love to travel.

We travel the world looking for new adventures, cultures and experiences and believe that you don't always have to do what your mum told you.

In 2012 we got married in Bali and immediately hit the road with a trip to Australia and New Zealand. We have been travelling ever since including a 780km walk across Spain, a 440km walk in southern Spain, a 4 month journey through Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Jordan, 4 months in the landlocked nation of Laos, multiple long roadtrips through Australia & New Zealand, a CHEAP backpacker holiday to the Maldives (it’s possible!), a 5 month around the world journey through Europe, USA and South America, multiple aurora sightings (!!!) and countless other smaller journeys.

When we first met, we immediately clicked because of our shared love of travel. We’re here to prove that it’s not just possible to travel with the one you love, but you must travel with the one you love. Our blog is a collection of tales from across the globe in Bahasa Indonesia that shows our readers what it’s like to live a nomadic life.

We don’t have regular jobs. We don’t have a permanent home. All we have are our laptops, passports and a love of travel and one another.

Please join our Indonesian travel blog. Kami Pergi Dulu.

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Tips Pertama Kali Solo Female Traveling

Tips Untuk yang Baru Pertama Kali Mau Solo Female Traveling

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Traveling Ke Luar Negeri itu Mahal: Fakta atau Mitos?

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Destinasi Luar Negeri yang Recommended untuk Solo Female Traveler

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